Welcome to the Perry County Sheriff’s Office web site. We have been making several changes in the 
office operations to better meet the needs of 
the public. One of those changes is the construction 
of this web site which is the result of our initiative
 to provide community outreach and increased service 
to our citizens. On this web site you will find 
information that was once unavailable unless you
 made a trip to the office. Some of the areas that 
will be incorporated into the site will include 
crime tips, Sheriff’s sales, weather conditions,
sex offenders and much more. We hope that your
 visit is useful and enjoyable, and we encourage
 any feedback about the office or the website,
whether positive or negative. Please check back 
periodically as we will be adding new features 
and functions as the web site grows.

Thank you,

William R. Barker, Sheriff